Bee Day takes flight at St. Albert Farmers’ Market

St. Albert Gazette

“Pasteurized and filtered honey has nothing in it because everything has been either heated out of it or filtered out of it,” Dick Heinen says. “Pure honey is filled with nutrients.”

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Elbeck Brews Announces Nut ‘n Honey Porter

Canadian Beer News

Edmonton-based  Elbeck Brews gives details on it’s new Nut ‘n Honey Porter.

“…delicious beer made rich and smooth by the honey. Over the years, I’ve tweaked the recipe and now make it with a little chocolate rye malt and a lot of local Alberta honey from GrammaBee’s Honey. The result is a humble, medium-bodied dark beer with hints of sweet honey flavour mixed with dark chocolate.”

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Suzie the Foodie Product Review of Gramma Bee’s Natural Raw Honey

Suzie the Foodie

“It is absolute perfection. I give this product five out of five wooden spoons. “

“This is one hell of a beauty of a product. If you are looking for absolutely delicious honey that has hardly been tampered with, Gramma Bee’s Honey is an excellent option. They are a super friendly local company that generously gave me a huge jar of their stunning raw honey to taste test.”

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Real Hot Honey Pots


Zocalo has teamed up with local honey producer, Gramma Bee’s Honey for a real authentic treat this season! The perfect, raw, unpasteurized, natural honey made with 100% non-medicated bees comes straight from the comb. No filtering or heating ensures all of the beneficial properties of the honey remain in each honey pot.

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Daily Beer – Death of a One-Beer Brewery

Daily Beer

For the longest time, Edmonton’s Yellowhead Brewing Co. has been known for one thing – or more to the point, one beer – its flagship lager. Introducing Yellowhead’s Honey Porter.

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Nuit Blanche Edmonton 2015

On September 26, we attended Nuit Blanche in downtown Edmonton where we sold local VitalyTea tea with our delicious honey with all the money going to YESS. We also had a great night sampling our product and selling jars and squeezies of honey, with a dollar from each sale going to YESS. Alltogether we raised $275 for youth facing difficult realities.

Close to Home – Chef Infuses Local into the Edmonton Royal Glenora Club Menu

Royal Glenora Club – Royal Review

“…Buzak’s uncle hosts some of the beehives where Gramma Bee’s Honey is derived from. Gramma Bee’s, founded in 2000, is not only local; it is unpasteurized and unfiltered, remaining as close to natural as possible.

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